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No. 1 Specialist for Tiny Houses in Malaysia
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Rumah Comel

Rumah Comel - the go-to provider for housing solutions tailored to meet the needs of personal homes owners, homestay business and various real estate business owners in Malaysia.

As a pioneer in promoting ESG sustainability, we are committed in providing innovative and modern housing options that are not only sustainable but also cost-effective.

Rumah Comel

Our tiny house is recognised as a “Affordable, Smarter, Greener and Faster” product. It is pre-fabricated offsite and the whole progress is just approximately 1 month.

It has 2 floors, including living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. We provide customized services for customers. Whatever you need, we can provide drawings and interior designs to meet your needs.

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Plans & Layout
FLOORING : Cement Board
FLOOR FINISH : Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Main Frame : Steel Structures
External Wall : Wood Grain Cement Board
Internal Wall : Dry Wall Gypsum Board
Roofing : UPVC Roofing
Ceiling : Plaster Ceiling
Wall Covering : Wallpaper
Door & Window : Aluminium Glass

Advantages of Rumah Comel


Built and finished within 1 month.


Strong & study steel structure.


Assembled at the factory, then transported to the respective location.


Low-cost asset with high quality.

Huge savings on electricity bill

Tiny home doesn’t require lots of furniture and electrical appdivances.


A small, simple, and quiet place where you can focus on relaxing

No. 1 specialist for tiny house design and build
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About OurDirector

Recipient of the highly coveted Golden Bull award, James Yeoh combines decade of experience in the construction industry with an unparalleled passion for the community.

He is a regular feature in the media and is often sought after for his deep insights and fresh perspectives on container usage and the evolving construction industry. With his expertise and guiding touch, you can expect nothing but a firm understanding of your construction needs.

James is dedicated to the mission of providing affordable, high-quality housing to everyone so that one can own their own houses without burdening themselves and compromising their safeties and health.

James Yeoh

Awards & Certificates

Archidex Award Winner
By Solid Horizon
Lot 4912, Jalan Teratai, 5½ Miles, Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor.
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